May Ka Thit

Top Paper Award in Project Management, studied at AIM Institute of Management
‘’I currently intend to finish ABE Level 5 second semester and enrol in the BA (top-up) program. I intend to continue my education after receiving my degree by enrolling in an MBA program in the UK.’’

May Ka Thit is interested in studying abroad and was interested in ABE's opportunities to learn more about the corporate world. She plans to complete ABE Level 5 second semester and enrol in the BA (top-up) program. May Ka Thit enjoys ABE's open-book examinations and believes they help her retain material better. Read her full story below:

''Let me kindly introduce myself first before diving further. My name is May Ka Thit, and I am from a nation renowned for its rich cultural heritage and abundant natural resources like jade, rubies, and sapphires. This nation, Myanmar, is often referred to as the “Golden Land” due to its plethora of stunning golden temples, exemplified by the awe-inspiring Shwedagon Pagoda, and various serene spots for achieving inner peace. Within this country, I reside with my parents and a younger brother who wholeheartedly support every decision and endeavour I undertake. It is with their constant support that I’ve reached the point of receiving a prestigious top paper award, a milestone for which I am deeply appreciative.

Regarding my educational history, I completed my high school education in 2018 – 2019 and I’m currently enrolled in ABE Level 5 for the second semester. Among my educational accomplishments is a diploma in Communicative English, a certificate in LCCI levels 1 and 2, and an ABE Level 4 diploma. I began working as an intern at the ABSQ Cambridge Exam Centre in August 2022. I resided there for more than a year before leaving in January 2024 with the position of Business Development Officer. To not waste my available time, I also teach students who are preparing for the Cambridge CEFR examinations. This sums up a summary of who I am.

In 2019, I enrolled at a public university after graduating from high school. However, my university was placed on hold because of the unfortunate situation in our country. At that time, I was looking for a chance to study abroad, but I became very fascinated when I found the opportunity ABE is providing. Not only that, but I was also always wondering how the corporate world functions, so that would be an additional benefit for me. For that reason, I chose to study ABE.

I began my first semester of ABE Level 4 at Erudite Management Institute and completed my second semester at the AIM Institute.

Employers and the general public in Myanmar seem to hold ABE in high esteem since it has established itself as a major force in developing business talent and enhancing the country's professional environment. Its reputation among people and organisations might be strengthened by ongoing efforts to improve and convey its value offer. ABE credentials are regarded by employers as it’s an indication of a person's exceptional business acumen. Employers think graduates of ABE programs may begin working immediately away since ABE provides skills that are relevant to the workforce.

I currently intend to finish ABE Level 5 second semester and enrol in the BA (top-up) program. I intend to continue my education after receiving my degree by enrolling in an MBA program in the UK.

I am very fond of open-book examinations that are part of the ABE curriculum. I find that doing open-book examinations helps me retain the material better than memorising it by heart. Applying these theories by ourselves will help us make better use of them in the workplace. Additionally, it is quite practical for working individuals because they may complete their degree online and continue their studies through Zoom after work.

Throughout my year-long study of ABE, I have become more proficient in both reading and absorbing information. My ability to take notes, coming up with ideas, and my writing skills have all improved. I was working at my former job during the first year of studying my ABE courses. I am able to use my study materials to analyse my workplace and provide my manager with a lot of ideas. For example, coming up with marketing concepts and designing are more important aspects of my work requirements. To do this, I applied my study materials to come up with concepts that my boss would find appealing and further my career.

The first piece of advice I would like to give is that having a true interest in the subject you are studying is essential for successful learning. I only discovered this after studying ABE. Learning the theories by memorising by heart is of little use because the tests are open-book. I would also add that since textbooks only include so much information, you should read additional study materials to gain more knowledge.

My long-term professional goals concentrate on two main paths, both of which are matched with my interests. Ideally, I aim to become a project manager in the construction field. I am enthusiastic about overseeing and coordinating construction projects, ensuring they are completed successfully and on time. The dynamic nature of the construction industry appeals to me, and I look forward to applying my organisational and leadership skills to contribute to the successful execution of projects.

Alternatively, should the opportunity in the construction field not materialize, I have a strong interest in establishing my own business with a focus on contributing to the educational field. I am committed to creating an enterprise that provides valuable resources, innovative solutions, and educational services. In either scenario, my goal is to engage in a fulfilling and impactful career, leveraging my skills and passion to contribute meaningfully to the chosen field.''