Nang Kham Sie

Warehouse Operative Associate, Amazon
Nang Kham Sie
‘’ABE provided me with a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of various business disciplines, preparing me for more advanced academic pursuits and career opportunities. I wholeheartedly encourage you to consider pursuing an education at ABE.’’

Nang Kham Sie says the hands-on experience gained through studying with ABE allowed her to confidently address real-world challenges as an Associate Warehouse Operative at Amazon. Read her full story below:

''Enrolling in ABE was motivated by my desire to become a successful businesswoman despite financial challenges. ABE's practical business education, real-world focus, and flexible learning options allowed me to balance studies with work and pursue my Masters Program. The program provided me with valuable skills, practical knowledge, and industry relevance, shaping my career trajectory and confidence. Networking opportunities broadened my horizons, and I'm grateful for the support I received. ABE's impact has been transformative, and I hope my experiences inspire others.

During my ABE studies, I acquired valuable skills such as strategic management, supply chain knowledge, business communication, financial analysis, leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, time management, ethical decision-making, and project management. These skills have directly contributed to my effectiveness as an Associate Wearhouse Operative and my success in pursuing a Masters degree in Business with Supply Chain Management at UWE University. I am grateful for ABE's practical education, which has enriched my capabilities and empowered me in my career.

ABE has prepared me to handle challenges and adapt to my industry. It taught me critical thinking, adaptability, and industry-specific knowledge. I gained resilience, a global perspective, ethical decision-making skills, networking opportunities, and a focus on learning further. This has empowered me to succeed in a dynamic business environment.

ABE stands out from other educational institutions which I have experienced in several significant ways, and this distinction has profoundly impacted my career growth. One example that highlights this is the recognition ABE offers compared to other diplomas. Before enrolling in ABE, I had pursued a Business Management Administration diploma, which, though valuable, did not carry the same level of recognition and academic equivalence as a postgraduate level qualification. ABE, on the other hand, provided me with a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of various business disciplines, preparing me for more advanced academic pursuits and career opportunities.

My ABE qualification helped me advance my career, connect with professionals worldwide, and pursue further education. ABE's practical skills and industry recognition have been invaluable in my professional journey.

Having completed an ABE qualification, I could continue my academic journey in advanced Masters programs. ABE's solid educational foundation prepared me well for further education, opening doors to pursue a Masters program in the UK. This academic advancement further solidified my expertise and competence in my chosen field.

The practical experiences provided in the level 5 Operations Management subject were immersive and hands-on, allowing me to apply the theoretical concepts learned in the classroom to real-world scenarios. This experience deepened my understanding of operations management and sparked a keen interest in supply chain management.

The newfound interest in supply chain management, motivated me to pursue a Masters in Supply Chain Management. The knowledge and skills gained during my ABE education laid a strong foundation for me to delve deeper into the subject during my Masters program. As I continued my studies, I found that the theoretical knowledge I acquired through my ABE courses seamlessly translated into practical applications in the workplace. The hands-on experience gained through ABE's projects allowed me to confidently address real-world challenges as an Associate Wearhouse Operative.

During my time at ABE, I encountered numerous occasions where the faculty and staff provided me with valuable assistance and encouragement, significantly contributing to my overall development.

The faculty at ABE demonstrated a genuine commitment to the success of their students. Whenever I had questions or needed clarification on course materials, they were readily available to offer guidance. Their support enhanced my understanding of complex subjects and boosted my confidence in tackling academic challenges. Additionally, when I expressed my desire to continue my education with a Masters degree, ABE's faculty and staff were highly supportive. They provided valuable advice on potential programs and universities, inspiring me to pursue my academic aspirations further.

The ABE community is a fantastic platform that connects students, alums, and industry professionals from various backgrounds and experiences. This networking aspect is precious for your career growth and development. ABE provides multiple networking events, seminars, and workshops, where I had the chance to connect with industry professionals and alums. These networking opportunities allowed me to form valuable connections, exchange ideas, and seek guidance from seasoned professionals.

I wholeheartedly encourage you to consider pursuing an education at ABE. The supportive community, industry-focused curriculum, and globally recognised qualifications make ABE an exceptional choice for anyone looking to excel in their academic journey and professional career. Embrace the opportunities, connect with like-minded individuals, and be ready to embark on a transformative educational experience that will pave the way for your success and personal growth. ABE is more than just an educational institution; it's a pathway to a bright and promising future.''