Saw Than Htut Lynn

Admin/Program Officer, Japan International Cooperation Agency
‘’I got MBA (masters level) in 2017 and currently am studying Ph.D. ABE is a very essential and solid steppingstone in my academic journey. Based on my experience, ABE is worth pursuing among other qualifications.’’

Saw Than Htut Lynn says studying ABE qualifications can strengthen personal and business skills and that it has been a solid steppingstone in his academic journey. Read his full story below:

''Studying with ABE strengthened my personal and business skills such as language skills, communication skills, critical and creative thinking skills, and management skills.  In addition, some specific skills such as marketing, finance, human resource, and customer relationship skills are further developments to individuals by pursuing ABE qualifications.  The ability to see a holistic view of a particular situation is an additional asset to an ABE learner.

ABE itself has prepared me to respond to challenges and changes.  When I studied with ABE, the syllabus was different and simple.  Current subjects in ABE syllabus were modified to respond to the changes of the real world and equipped the learners to face the changes.  I have not got a chance to learn about today’s ABE subjects which can reflect today’s business world.  The most significant benefit of studying with ABE is that we are aware that change is the only thing that is unchanged and require us to expect the changes and prepare in advance for those changes.

Accreditation and recognition of ABE worldwide endorsed my qualification to be strong and it helped both my academic endeavour and career development.

A concern case study that ABE put in the curriculum has already connected the theory and practical.  Learners have to understand if they are properly taught each chapter in a particular subject with a case study.  Students can also apply similar cases in their daily working professional lives with the theories they have learned when they studied ABE.

My learning centre, MHR, arranged the faculties of ABE graduates who are successful in their business and professional lives. Their familiarity with ABE subjects and hands-on experience in the real business world benefit to the learners.  When they teach the students, they teach the subject with real cases to strengthen the level of understanding of the subjects.

People build closer relationships if they studied together, learn the same discipline or study in the same institution.  In the industry, ABE learners have more confidence to work together with, or recommend each other, if necessary, because the ability and capacity of ABE graduates are already tested by passing the ABE exams.''

ABE is one of the main gateways for further study or career development within the industry both entry-level and advanced-level.  It is also one of the fasted ways to pursue international education and top up to Bachelors or Masters degree overseas. I completed my ABE in 2005.  I pursued MBA easily because of the very solid foundation of subject matters I have when I learned ABE.  My entry into MBA was also easy.  I got MBA (masters level) in 2017 and currently am studying Ph.D.  ABE is a very essential and solid steppingstone in my academic journey. Based on my experience, ABE is worth pursuing among other qualifications.''