Thet Zin Win

Top Paper Award in Business Strategy & Decision-making, studied at Rakhine Professional Development Academy
Thet Zin Win
Most employers in my country have the highest impression of ABE Diploma holders. They have the ability to manage many tasks and fulfil business objectives

NGO professional Thet Zin Win chose ABE to ensure he has the leadership skills to compete on the international stage and plans to use his skills to support local communities and international humanitarian organisations #ABEway.  Here's his story:

My name is Thet Zin Win, I am 28 years old and my home country is Myanmar. I live with my three family members in small town, Paungde that’s 125 miles far away from the commercial city of Myanmar, Yangon.

I attained a Bachelors degree in Nursing Sciences in 2015 and then I started off my journey in the NGO field and currently working for an international organisation as a Monitoring and Evaluation Officer based in Maungdaw Township.

I chose ABE as, with increased globalisation, there are more international organisations or multinational companies seeking smart, visionary leaders and productive managers who have the highest competency. To be an excellent leader or manager it is essential to clearly understand the deepest parts of theoretical management concepts as well as historical experiences. I believe that ABE can provide me with all the things that I want to offer such as critical management skills in the business environment or with international humanitarian organisations.

Most employers in my country have the highest impression of ABE Diploma holders. They have the ability to manage many tasks and fulfil business objectives. Most employers expect productive outputs from ABE employees.

After competed my ABE Level 6 Diploma, I plan to prepare for an MBA scholarship.  I am also going to support local charity organisations in implementing a livelihood programme that is integrated with a health programme.   The objectives are to improve the household income of local communities and marginalised populations. I  plan to provide my business ideology and innovative ideas to this organisation that will support these communities.

I think that ABE is a very effective education programme for remote learners because it is available in two ways - in person or online platform via zoom or team software. The online learning programme and OBE assessments are very convenient for remote learners like me. I have learnt new concepts such as note-writing skills and improved my time management having completed my all assignments and submitted them successfully during a tough reporting period of my current work.

My tips for doing well in your studies are:

  • Read more articles.
  • Review your notes and think freely.
  • Keep your eye on the present dynamic business environment and economic trends.
  • Read back on all the things.

 My long-term plan is to be a freelance consultant with my current career.