Wai Yan Moe

Lecturer, Business Institute Yangon
‘’One of the best things that set ABE apart from other educational institutions is its focus on teaching students not only business theories but also their practical implications in the real world.’’

Wai Yan Moe says he decided to study ABE after hearing about his uncle’s experience who is also an ABE alumni. He says that he was able to attend the second year of a 3 year bachelor course after completing his level 5 course. Read his full story below:

''My uncle is also an ABE alumnus from the early 2000s. He was able to enrol in an MBA program with his ABE qualification. He shared with me his valuable insights and experiences from ABE, which motivated me to join as well.

Another reason why I chose ABE is because I wanted to obtain an internationally recognised qualification that would enable me to pursue Bachelors and Masters degree in the future.

As a result of completing level 5, I was able to attend the second year of a 3-year Bachelors degree directly. Soon after, I was able to secure a project officer position for a large non-profit project in 2020.

Thanks to ABE, I learned how to conduct market research, develop marketing strategies and design marketing campaigns. These skills helped me in my previous role as a Marketing Assistant where I was involved in promoting various travel packages to customers. They also helped me in my current role as a lecturer, where I teach the customer service course to students and share with them the latest trends and best practices in the field.

I also learned how to plan, execute, monitor and control projects of different sizes and scopes. These enabled me to oversee, coordinate and implement various activities in my previous role as a Project Officer.

Additionally, they also helped me in my current role as I can easily teach my students the importance of team building and working effectively in a team to achieve project or organisational goals on time and within budget.

One of the best skills I learned is communication. Every lecturer from Business Institute Yangon taught students not only business theories but also practical aspects of them to effectively communicate clearly, persuasively, and professionally with different stakeholders.

As the ABE syllabus, assignments, and exams are designed to encourage students to think outside the box and come up with new and better ways to do things, I was able to design and innovate solutions that allowed my project team to adapt to the Covid-19 pandemic changes in 2020. ABE also instilled in me a lifelong learning attitude and habit which is essential for staying updated and relevant in today’s fast-changing business world.

One of the best things that set ABE apart from other educational institutions is its focus on teaching students not only business theories but also their practical implications in the real world. Case studies from ABE guides facilitate peer-to-peer interactions, discussions, and collaborations among the students. My centre, Business Institute Yangon also organised study tours to companies to bridge the gap between business theories and practices.

ABE enabled me to pursue further studies at a reputable university. It has increased my employability and career prospects especially due to the Top Paper award that I achieved in 2017. It has also improved my performance and recognition in my current and previous roles. In addition, it has expanded my network and exposure.

I achieved a Top Paper award for HRM (QCF) in 2017. Thanks to the award, I was able to skip Associate and Assistant positions and apply for an Officer position directly.

In my previous roles, I had to identify and analyse the stakeholders. ABE taught me how to assess their interests, expectations, influence, and power and develop strategies to manage and communicate them effectively. This helped me to apply the stakeholder theories and frameworks that I learned in the course to a complex and dynamic scenario.

In Marketing Management, I had to design and implement a marketing campaign for a new product or service of my choice. I had to conduct market research, identify the target market, develop a marketing mix, and evaluate the results. This coursework helped me to apply the theories and concepts that I learned to a realistic and relevant scenario.

ABE and BIY’s faculty and staff have always been supportive and helpful in providing me with academic support, motivating and recognising my achievements and potential which encourages me to improve and excel. They have also been instrumental in facilitating my academic and professional growth such as recommending me for scholarships, awards, endorsing my skills, qualifications, and performance.

The ABE and BIY community have helped me access various networking and opportunities across different industries. I was able to meet and interact with other ABE members especially during my MBA research paper process.

The community has also helped me to learn from and with my fellow students and alumni, who come from different backgrounds, cultures, and industries. I was able to exchange ideas, opinions, and experiences and gain valuable insights and perspectives on various business topics and issues. Thanks to peer-to-peer learning, I could share what I learned with my students with business examples from different industries.

My message to anyone considering to pursue and education at ABE is:

Enjoy It!

ABE is not only about studying and getting diplomas. It is also about connecting with other like-minded people who share your goals and aspirations. You will discover and develop yourself personally and professionally.

Be Prepared and Be Ready!

ABE can help you grow and achieve great things, but it is not an easy quick fix. ABE requires your commitment, dedication, and hard work.''