Ye Htet Lwin Oo

Entrepreneur and former Vice President (V.P) for the ASEAN Youth Organization
Ye Htet Lwin Oo
As a successful entrepreneur who donates his time to support ASEAN young people, ABE alumnus Ye Htet Lwin Oo is a great embodiment of the ABE way. He says, “Have your big academic and career dreams. ABE will take care of the rest".

Ye Htet Lwin Oo is an entrepreneur with several successful businesses. True to the ABE way he also gives back to the community with voluntary work and is the former Vice President (V.P) for the ASEAN Youth Organization which supports and empowers young people across the ASEAN region. Here, he shares his story and says it all started with his ABE qualification:

I enrolled to study my first ABE qualification, ABE QCF Level 5 Diploma in Business Management, at WISE College in 2012. This was the first step which led to the achievement of both my academic and career goals.

I obtained my Level 5 Diploma with 8 subjects in one year and, in another six months, I graduated with a Level 6 Diploma while working as a Brand Associate in BLAZON Group of Companies - one of the largest retail groups in Myanmar.

After that I challenged myself to become an entrepreneur, I founded my very first start-up company in 2015, Home Delivery Service Company which is now employing +50 people in Yangon. During 2018, I moved to my native town of Sittwe, Rakhine State, and started one of my career dreams.  I founded Rakhine Professional Development Academy, known as RPDA, in April 2018. I took the key managerial role of Principal and provided higher education for the youth of Rakhine State including, of course, ABE qualifications as I’m an ABE alumnus. During the three years from 2018 to 2020, RPDA has become a leading academy and training school for young people and organisations in Rakhine State.

On the other hand, I’m also running a social business (Recycle), tissue production.  I like to give back to the community and I am the former Vice President (V.P) for ASEAN Youth Organization – contributing my time and effort for Myanmar's young people and helping them connect with other ASEAN countries. 

My message to current and future ABE students would be, “Have your big academic and career dreams. ABE will take care of the rest".