A glimpse into the visit to ABE centres in Malawi

Kereesa Carrington-Nunez, Africa Director, recently visited Pact College and Soche Technical in Malawi, accompanied by Cynthia Deyzel, Director of Finance & Operations.

During the visit to Soche Technical, the students had a soft launch of the 'Starlight ABEClub@STC', the first ABE Club to be launched in Africa. The club was formed with an aim of being transformative. Different motivational speakers are to be invited, imparting skills such as financial literacy, CV writing, and leadership. The club will also be visiting secondary schools to offer career guidance, recognising star performers and conducting social activities with these secondary schools.

ABE Club

Kereesa was inspired by the students saying, "They have a full governance structure, planned initiatives, and everyone was so motivated and intentional about the club. It was just brilliant!"

In addition, Cynthia signed their guest book, whilst Jon Easter from the University of Hertfordshire was entertained by our students. Take a look at some pictures from the visit.

Malawi visit 4
Malawi visit 3
Malawi visit
Malawi visit 2