Gresham's School sets the bar high for KidsMBA and Future Entrepreneurs

Gresham's School

Last week, Gresham's School hosted its first ABE Endorsed KidsMBA Shark Tank (or Dragon's Den) event.  Our congratulations to the winning team, Custom Forces.  Their plan to upcycle and customise Nike Air Force trainers was presented by Drew Wilson, Kiki Andrew, Bronte Thorpe, May Davis and Alice Green. They will be among the pool of talented young competitors in our forthcoming global Future Entrepreneur of the Year competition.  The winner will be announced early in July and it already looks set to be a tough competition!

The event was the first to be attended by ABE's UK manager for KidsMBA, Reuben Davison, who said, "I don’t think it could have been bettered in any way. The student’s presentations were very impressive. And I think the engagement and enthusiasm summed up what the KidsMBA programme is all about."

We also wanted to thank Gresham's for taking the time to collect and share some great feedback.  Working as a team and creating a logo were named as among the aspects of the programme which were enjoyed most.  Maths, finance and public speaking were listed as among the skills, outside of understanding about business, that pupils felt the course had helped them develop.  KidsMBA is designed to provide a fun and engaging but in-depth understanding of entrepreneurship and so it was also great that everyone commented on this.  One student summed  this up by saying they had learned "how hard business is because I thought it would be easier."