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Susan MugoHR & Administration officer, Susan, already holds a Bachelors degree and an MBA but chose to top-up with ABE HR because the coursework was so relevant to her job.  She has already found herself applying her learning in a wide range of ways.

"The  ABE programme is recognised  by corporate institutions in Kenya and is  offered   by  most  of   the universities and colleges."

Cassandra SheldonCassandra shares some great advice about to make the most of your studies and achieve the best results.

"I recommend any one who aspires to achieve excellence to study with ABE as it has the best study resources!"

Lakshmi Ramlochan Relocation coordinator, Lakshmi, has a strong belief in equality for women.  She wants to go on to gain a Masters degree and then forge a high level career in the travel and tourism sector.

"I liked the structure of the ABE programme and decided it suited my needs both time wise and financially and guaranteed the same results at the end of Dip 6 – the equivalent to a Bachelors Degree."

LowyBudding entrepreneur, Loice, is truly enthusiastic about the skills she has gained on her ABE course.

"I am now creative and am able to start up my own business as I have gained managerial skills."

Halima Mohammed 2Halima had ABE recommended to her and loves applying her studies to pratical real-life work situations.  She plans to progress academically and then go on to become a successful entrepreneur.

"I chose ABE due to the fact that the qualifications were highly recognised by many universities and professional institutes both locally and internationally and I realised it was the fastest means of achieving my career."

Zoha ImtiyazZoha is originally from Pakistan and found ABE offered the ideal solution for her to progress her studies when she moved to Saudi Arabia.  Here, she shares some good insight into how to do well in your studies:

"It is crucial to begin studying early for the exams. So, even if you have a short attention span and cannot study more than an hour a day, you will still get the curriculum covered by the time examination date arrives."

Linda WilkinLinda Wilkin, ABE’s marketing and communications manager (and editor of ABE members' magazine Focus), shares tips to ensure your written communications enhance your professional reputation

Business group mixedWhether you are running a business, a department or a project, successfully managing a team of people is a vital component of many managerial roles.  Here are some tips to being an exceptional team leader.

Zin ZinZin Zin is managing two jobs and came to see us just after she had gained her Masters degree with a full scholarship from Huddersfield University in the UK.  She tells us how it all began with ABE...

“ABE is very intensive.  There are lots of theories mixed with practical experience.  Students get a good grounding in business management at all levels and they cover a lot of subjects. This helps because later you can concentrate your studies on a subject that really interested you.”

Anita StubbsMotivation and determination are the vital ingredients that can make a difference between success and failure in any walk of life and this particularly applies when you are studying.  With this in mind, quality and compliance consultant, Anita Stubbs, shares her top tips for successful study

Focus 61

Optional unit visual imageWhen you start your ABE Level 5 or Level 6 qualification one of the things you will need to think about is which optional units to choose.  If you go on to a Bachelors or Masters programme these too may require you to select from a list of several subject options.

If you are finding this prospect daunting here are some ideas about how best to approach your selection.

AusmanAusman is enjoys his work as an HR officer and feels ABE has really supported his development as an all round business professional.

"ABE has a unique syllabus which helps any student studying with this board to be open minded about the business environment."