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Carolyn Dawkins.Licensed cosmetologist, Carolyn, reluctantly had to give up study after high school.  She found ABE offered her a solution that she could fit round her busy job and voluntary work.

"I am beyond proud that I was able to do well in this exam after making so many sacrifices."

Amit RajnarineAir traffic controller, Chandraban, was initially a teacher.  He is now pursuing his ABE qualifications and likes that he can fit his studies into his busy work schedule.  Long term, he plans to complete an MBA and pursue a high-level career in the aviation industry.

"Employers are encouraging staff members to qualify themselves and recommending ABE as a reliable tertiary education provider."

Onneile ChalashikaOnneile chose ABE to help her achieve her long-term goal of owning an affordable five star hotel.

"Most people value ABE highly and believe that it offers quality education standards.  You know that you are getting value for your money."

Darshini DeodatDarshini decided to study ABE to help her in a new high pressure role. 

"Studying ABE has enabled me to think outside the box and apply all I have learned to my interactions with colleagues and customers."

Congratulations, you’ve made a good enough impression on the hiring manager and just secured your dream job. The hard work does not stop there though – it’s just as important to make a good impression once you start role. Always remember; the first week of a new job is crucial in setting the tone for the rest of your time there.

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Festus, a proactive family man from Nigeria,  has a natural creative flair, and  has always been drawn to the dynamic nature of the business world. He was quick to recognise the importance of  furthering his business knowledge, to strengthen his skillset and excel in a working environment. 

 He gives us an insight into how studying an ABE Marketing Management qualification has changed his life for the better...

 “Admittedly my skills needed to be polished. Studying  an ABE qualification has positively impacted my ability to deliver within my job and has also contributed to a promotion”

Man struggling to remember somethingThis piece was written by Jackie Edwards; a freelance writer, with a vast amount of experience in further education teaching. Her passion for inspiring students to develop a love for learning is evident in her writing, as she shares her tips on how you can further your business career by improving your memory.

Anuradha SungleePayroll Specialist and journalism graduate, Anuradha, has found her ABE course has added to her work skills and hopes to eventually become her own boss.

"I use the acquired skills and knowledge from my ABE course in my current post and find opportunities of relating work to my qualification.  ABE does not simply create  bookish students but rather it helps a student to tackle situations logically and creatively."

Emmanuel AdediranMedia strategist and graduate, Emmanuel, was one of several staff members sponsored by his company, MediaReach OMD, to take ABE qualifications as part of their professional development objectives.

"The choice of ABE was based on the understanding that the modules and courses were practical in nature and structured to immediately improve workplace effectiveness."


Danai Leanne BvukumbweDanai chose ABE for its recognition, affordability and because she liked the programmes.  In the long-term she plans to use her knowledge to develop a career in senior management in the tourism sector.

"My education means a lot to me because it is a stepping stone to get to where I want to be in life."

Maham MushtakMaham had a keen interest in business studies but was put off because she lacked confidence in her accountancy skills. Since enrolling on ABE Level 4, Maham has realised she is more than capable and has gone from strength to strength.  She is now planning to go on to a degree in marketing.

"I was very excited when I received an email from ABE saying that I had achieved a prize for Strategic Marketing Management. I had never thought I would get an award for a theory paper, but I guess I was underestimating myself as I had a very good teacher and all our hard work paid off."

Nicholas DhootunNicolas worked hard to become a reception and concierge manager,  but realised without higher level qualifications it would be difficult for him to progress further in his career.  A friend recommended ABE as the ideal solution.

"ABE really helps students to love the subjects they are studying. I was able to project myself into my previous job and realise the mistakes I had been making and what I could do to perform better.  Great ideas were coming up. I could see things differently and was eager to put this new knowledge and skills into practice."