Fabeha KhanFabeha plans to gain an MBA before becoming a professional Chartered Financial Analysis and pursuing a career in business leadership.

"ABE looked promising from where I was standing last year, and it hasn't  proven me wrong."

Clifton MoffatClifton shares some great tips for study success.  He plans to progress as far as possible academically and then become an ABE lecturer.  

"I thought I would face challenges but at the same time gain vast experience in researching and studying hard in order to achieve the best outcomes."

Carolyn Dawkins.Licensed cosmetologist, Carolyn, reluctantly had to give up study after high school.  She found ABE offered her a solution that she could fit round her busy job and voluntry work.

"I am beyond proud that I was able to do well on this exam after making so many sacrifices."

Amit RajnarineAir traffic controller, Chandraban, was initially a teacher.  He is now pursuing his ABE qualifications and likes that he can fit his studies into his busy work schedule.  Long term, he plans to complete an MBA and pursue a high-level career in the aviation industry.

"Employers are encouraging staff members to qualify themselves and recommending ABE as a reliable tertiary education provider."

Onneile ChalashikaOnneile chose ABE to help her achieve her long-term goal of owning an affordable five star hotel.

"Most people value ABE highly and believe that it offers quality education standards.  You know that you are getting value for your money."

Darshini DeodatDarshini decided to study ABE to help her in a new high pressure role. 

"Studying ABE has enabled me to think outside the box and apply all I have learned to my interactions with colleagues and customers."

Education is said to be a powerful tool that can be used to change the world.

Congratulations, you’ve made a good enough impression on the hiring manager and just secured your dream job. The hard work does not stop there though – it’s just as important to make a good impression once you start role. Always remember; the first week of a new job is crucial in setting the tone for the rest of your time there.

Here are our top 5 useful tips to help you make a great first impression in your new job:

Festus, a proactive family man from Nigeria,  has a natural creative flair, and  has always been drawn to the dynamic nature of the business world. He was quick to recognise the importance of  furthering his business knowledge, to strengthen his skillset and excel in a working environment. 

 He gives us an insight into how studying an ABE Marketing Management qualification has changed his life for the better...

 “Admittedly my skills needed to be polished. Studying  an ABE qualification has positively impacted my ability to deliver within my job and has also contributed to a promotion”

Writing assignments can be daunting; feeling under pressure, and unsure of if we’ll ever be prepared enough to tackle the question effectively. Remember it does not have to be like this; the most important thing is to start – and start early.