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EFF headerTaken from the foreword of the Educating Future Founders report by Westminster think tank The Entrepreneurs Network, ABE's chief executive, Rob May, talks about why ABE is supporting this campaign which calls on entrepreneurship education to be included in the school curriculum.

Presentation checklistA great presenter can introduce a concept to colleagues and peers with wit and ease.  For some people presenting is a skill that comes naturally.  For others, the idea of doing a speech is irrationally terrifying.  Whichever category you come into, giving a stand-up speech or online presentation is a chance to show what you know and put your ideas across.  Here is a checklist of things you can do to help you make the most of the opportunity.

Professional writingPolish your prose to perfection and enhance your professional reputation with our guide to written communication.

Bounce-back-abilityIn the wake of disruption caused by the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, ABE has been focusing on bounce-back-ability.  This is the term we've adopted as we look at ways to support our stakeholders - from individuals, to centres, to corporate clients, to communities - so they can bounce back stronger and more resilient.  In the following blog, ABE's Asia Director, Suren Verma, talks about what this means to him

Managing a team remotelyABE’s Director of Business Development, Steve Smith,  has, for many years, led a large international team with no two people based in the same country.  Now, with so many of us having to work from home, he shares his experience to help others faced with the challenge of managing their team remotely for the first time.

ABE alumnus and successful entrepreneur, Selveena Parmanum, achieved an ABE Top Paper award through self-study.  With many people unable to access the normal support of their centre during the COVID-19 pandemic, she shares her tips for success to help those in this position who are preparing for exams:

stress cropStudying can be stressful at the best of times and anxiety caused by the COVID-10 pandemic is doubling the pressure for many of us.  Here are five small things you can do to help stop your worries from getting on top of you. 

Study girlAt the time of writing, the COVID-19 pandemic was causing disruption around the world, making it difficult for people to attend their college and requiring a new approach to teaching and learning.  Here are our tips to support learning during this time.

Benjamin Franklin3Mind mapping is a technique to help you remember related information in a visual way and many people find this more effective than formal note taking.  The main concept, purpose or theory is the centre of the map with related information branching off from it.  

You don’t have to be an academic genius to be a great learner if you have the right mind set.  There are straightforward characteristics that you can work on and develop, and these will help you achieve great things in your studies, and life in general.

Writing assignments can be daunting; feeling under pressure, and unsure of if we’ll ever be prepared enough to tackle the question effectively. Remember it does not have to be like this; the most important thing is to start – and start early.

Remote learning2Written whilst Covid-19 was causing unprecedented disruption to face-to-face teaching, here are some tips more for remote study.