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Optional unit visual imageWhen you start your ABE Level 5 or Level 6 qualification one of the things you will need to think about is which optional units to choose.  If you go on to a Bachelors or Masters programme these too may require you to select from a list of several subject options.

If you are finding this prospect daunting here are some ideas about how best to approach your selection.

AusmanAusman is enjoys his work as an HR officer and feels ABE has really supported his development as an all round business professional.

"ABE has a unique syllabus which helps any student studying with this board to be open minded about the business environment."

Group in MyanmarABE's regional director, Kate Winter, reports on her recent visit to Myanmar and how proud we are that ABE alumni are at the heart of driving change.

Samanthi WarnaguluScience graduate and banking executive, Samanthi, chose ABE when her employer listed it as a qualification that would lead to promotion. We are delighted to say that on receipt of the President's Prize, Samanthi also gained her promotion at work. Congratulations Samanthi!

"It is an exciting experience for me from the science background.  The way the lessons are structured and the way my Lecturer presented the subject in the classroom and the connection he made to my real work experience made my learning very interesting and appealing."


Michael ObengAfter recommendations, Michael chose ABE because he saw it was a quick route to help him achieve his aims and in the long term he plans to become a strategic sales manager.

"The best thing about ABE is that its courses are practical.  I have gained skills and tactics in the area of personal selling.  I found putting myself in practical scenarios and conducting research using the internet helped me a lot in studying this course."


kulsum nasserFinancial Associate, Kulsum, loved the fact that ABE enabled her to complete from Level 4 to Level 6 in just two and half years, and she shares some great study tips.   She plans to use her ABE FTCqualifications to progress onto a Masters degree, then gain some corporate experience before becoming an entrepreneur.

"I think the best part about ABE is that it’s always evolving to provide better and more relevant qualifications to students. The public acknowledges that ABE graduates offer a great value proposition to potential employers, because of the wide range of competences and knowledge they acquire during their studies."


Kariah MedardKariah has won a Top Paper Award in Introduction to Accounting (December 2016) and provided this interview at that time.  She praises the high level of tuition provided by her college and has found ABE Business Management  fuelled her ambition to run her own business.  She is now studying for a BSc in Business Management.

"I knew that I made the right move choosing to study with ABE. From the courses that I have completed, I have been able to apply concepts and rules to my job on a daily basis..."


Leah ChiwaulaEducation graduate, Leah, plans to use her ABE studies to help her run her own school.

"...the best thing about studying ABE is that it equips someone with skills that adapt to any work place and  it also helps to develop a spirit of entrepreneurship."

ROBERT KAMBWEMBWEMalawi Government crestRobert works for the Malawi government as a Curator for the Museum of Malawi and holds a degree in Humanities.  He now plans to progress the highest level of qualification in the field of human resources. 

"I chose ABE for many reasons. For example, I conducted research on the examination boards that provide HRM programmes and I discovered that your diplomas were rich in terms of content and offered a good grounding for a proper career in HRM. ABE is a reputable and competitive board that offers internationally recognised qualifications that equip students with valuable skills to perform their duties effectively. "

Cathryn CarewCathryn is the Human Resources Officer for one of Guyana's most prestigious shipping companies and she's Mum to four children.  She chose ABE because it was flexible enough to combine with her busy work and family life.  

"I have learnt how to link my experience with the knowledge gained and actually have a greater appreciation for the ‘whats’ and ‘whys’ of management; a broader perspective on why certain decisions are taken by management and have grown in my knowledge base and understanding."


Rubinia JosephFor Special Services police officer,  Rubinia, lack of funds meant she had to leave education after high school. Now, ABE is enabling her to realise her dreams of higher-level study. She plans to use her Diploma to gain a promotion, go to university and eventually become a successful entrepreneur. 

"This course has allowed me to learn to better management of my time, organise more and think more critically.  I have also sharpened my analytical skills.  The best thing about studying with ABE is that it allows freedom of choice and flexibility with time. "

Predesh JaimungalsinghAdministration Manager, Pradesh, had always regretted dropping out of university when he was younger and found his lack of professional qualifications were limiting his career opportunities. After noticing how his colleagues gained promotion and developed through studying with ABE, he realised it offered the ideal solution for him to progress professionally and academically.

"I would say that studying ABE has given me a lot more confidence in my job.  I learnt theory that I can apply and understand in the workplace.  I am able to speak with authority on many functions."