Buyer and Consumer Behaviour

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What makes someone decide to buy a particular brand? Why do some people select a certain product over another?

How consumers make such buying decisions is a complex process that is heavily influenced by who they are, pressures from peer groups, their lifestyles and their finances. It involves how people feel about themselves; about the brands they purchase, and those they do not.

For marketers, understanding this unpredictable purchase behaviour is a combination of science and art, firmly grounded in theories of human psychology and economics. It is one of the most critical success factors in any marketing strategy which is why marketers constantly seek new insights about customer behaviour; about why people act as they do and about their needs, wants and fears, so that they can develop marketing strategies that connect with the target customer on a deep emotional level.

This unit introduces you to the concepts of consumer behaviour. It addresses the important differences between how and why individual consumers make purchase decisions and the processes used by organisations and groups. It explores a range of popular models and theories about customer behaviour and puts them into the context of today’s digital marketplace and the multicultural dimensions that influence customers everywhere. Ultimately, it will explain how marketers use behavioural insights to inform every part of the marketing mix; from the packaging design to media channel choice and from pricing strategy to the marketing message. 

Assessed by assignment.

Qualifications for this unit:

ABE Level 5 Diploma in Business Management and Marketing

Qualifications for this unit