The HR Professional

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Organisations operate in an uncertain environment and the role of the HR Professional has moved from one focused on managing policies and ensuring compliance within a legal framework, to a function which is strategically aligned, contributing and supporting business achievement whilst managing a number of conflicting stakeholder expectations.

This unit focuses on the impact of these changes on the role and what it means for a career in this field. Contemporary practices and recent trends will be examined, alongside research which investigates the contribution effective HR can make to sustainable business success.  The concept of human capital reporting will be assessed and the need for a principled approach to HR will be explored, considering both the benefits and strategies to manage ethical and professional tensions.

Finally, the unit explores the notion of critical reflection as a key component of professional learning. 

This unit is assessed by a timed open book exam (before 2020 it was assessed by assignment).

Qualifications for this unit:

ABE Level 5 Diploma in Business Management and Human Resources

Qualifications for this unit