Integrated Marketing Communications

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In today’s connected world, brands have many choices about how to engage with their customers. The use of mobile, social media and personalised channels have contributed to an explosion of customer touchpoints.  This proliferation enables organisations to construct powerful media plans with precisely the right mix to reach their audience, whether they operate in consumer or industrial markets; product or service providers; public sectors and charities.

It is imperative for brands to create and communicate a consistent message; one that cuts through the competitive noise to tell an engaging and compelling brand story.  To leverage these opportunities, organisations need people with the right skills and a deep understanding of how to plan, implement and manage fully integrated marketing campaigns.

This unit will help you to develop these skills by introducing the concept of integrated marketing communications (IMC). Specifically, the unit will explain the importance of IMC in meeting brand, marketing and business objectives and you will develop a broad understanding of how IMC is implemented in a variety of real-world situations, whilst building your knowledge of customer behaviour, media planning and brand strategy.

The ultimate aim of this unit is to help you gain highly relevant and valuable marketing skills increasingly sought by employers in all markets, sectors and industries. 

This unit is assessed by a timed open book exam (before 2020 it was assessed by assignment).

Qualifications for this unit:

ABE Level 5 Diploma in Business Management and Marketing

Qualifications for this unit