Strategic HRM

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The influences of wider external pressures and developments such as globalisation, technology, demographics and shifting social expectations have all led to changes in the workplace.

This unit will explore the impact of these wider changes and how this has led to debates about HR’s role and contribution at a strategic level. Evidence of the contribution afforded by a strategic approach on both organisational and employee performance will be evaluated, identifying the features and benefits of adopting an aligned and focussed approach. The impact of this on the role, responsibilities and a range of HR practices including the acquisition, management and development of the human resource will be considered.

The unit concludes with an exploration of the supporting and facilitating role played by HR in managing organisational change as well as considering the trends which are likely to shape the workplace and their impact for the role of HRM in the future. 

Assessed by assignment.

Qualifications for this unit:

ABE Level 6 Diploma in Business Management and Human Resources

Qualifications for this unit