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We are a not-for-profit organisation which develops outstanding business, management and workplace skills through our qualifications and by endorsing high quality training developed by others.

How ABE works with employers 

ABE helps corporate clients and large employers to achieve their training and development objectives.  Our core qualification portfolio develops outstanding workplace skills, whilst our ABE Endorsed service adds a host of benefits to in-house training programmes.

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Employing an ABE graduate

When you employ an ABE graduate you can be confident you are employing someone with a qualification of the highest standard and the skills to make a real difference in the workplace.  

About ABE qualifications

ABE is a British Ofqual-recognised awarding organisation that has been operating internationally for more than 40 years. Ofqual is the UK government's official qualifications regulatory authority. Organisations have to meet exacting standards in order to be Ofqual recognised and its logo on a qualification certificate is, in effect, a mark of quality.

Ofqual assesses qualifications by ‘Levels’ and they are titled accordingly. This is the table of equivalencies to Ofqual Levels

QCF Level   Other qualifications at the same level

Level 3 -         UK Foundation Degree, UK 'A' level, BTEC National Cert

Level 4 -         BTEC Professional Diploma, first year of 3 year Bachelors degree course

Level 5 -         HND, Higher Diploma, second year of 3 year Bachelors degree course

Level 6 -         Bachelors Degree, Graduate Diploma

Level 7 -         Masters Degree, Postgraduate Diploma

Information in this table can be verified on the UK government website here.


In addition to your candidate’s qualification certificate, they will also hold a credit certificate which details the unit subjects they have passed and the number of credits that unit is worth. Unit credits are used by universities and higher education authorities to assess learners’ suitability for advanced entry onto degree or postgraduate programmes.

We hope that your organisation will benefit from the skills and knowledge that studying ABE develops. If you require any verification or have any questions about our qualifications please do not hesitate to contact us.

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ABE graduates have a wealth of expertise to offer. Throughout this site you will find numerous testimonials referring to the difference they have made and the skills they have brought to their employers.

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ABE Learners

If you are an ABE learner and would like to send a copy of this information with a job application download the document which can go with your application.

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