Our fees

The fees below are our standard global fees.  All prices quoted are in pounds sterling. Some countries may offer local discounts. We generally recommend ABE fees are paid through your local accredited ABE centre or online through the ABE Convera GlobalPay portal.

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Fees for full length diplomas and membership

This fee is paid when you join ABE and it includes your first year's annual subscription.

  • Level 4 Diploma - £45.
  • Level 5 Diploma - £60
  • Level 6 Diploma - £75
  • Students and associate members - £40.
  • Full member - £60.
  • Fellow member - £75.
  • Level 4 Diploma - £50 per assessment 
  • Level 5 Diploma - £65 per assessment
  • Level 6 Diploma - £75 per assessment
  • Level 4 - £55 per unit
  • Level 5 - £70 per unit
  • Level 6 - £80 per unit

Level 2 and 3 Awards and Certificates

The Level 3 Certificates are single unit qualifications.  Therefore the fee includes registration, assessment, certification and a study guide.  If you are continuing with your ABE studies, or wish to remain a member, after one year, simply continue at the standard annual registration fee.

  • Business Essentials - £130 all inclusive.
  • Business Start-up - £150 all inclusive.

£60 all inclusive

£90 all inclusive

Miscellaneous fees

  • Transcript of exam history: £30 per transcript
  • Replacement Certificate fee: £60 per award
  • Certificate of Unit Achievement:  £60 
  • Additional same level qualification: £30

All fees are in UK Pounds Sterling (GBP).

ABE reserves the right to make alterations to fees at its discretion.

Please note:  assignments must be received from your centre by the assignment deadline.  Under very exceptional circumstances, at the discretion of ABE, we may accept a batch of late assignments from a centre (not an individual) in which case there will be an additional charge to the centre to cover our incurred costs.

Pay securely online via Convera GlobalPay

All ABE fees can be paid at your accredited ABE centre.

In addition registration, membership, assessment and other fees can be paid here using our international payments platform: Convera GlobalPay. Students in Malawi and Sri Lanka, please refer to your country page for local information about how to pay.

We have chosen to work with Convera GlobalPay because they offer a fast and reliable service which allows you to pay in your local currency via bank transfer, credit card, or by using a wide range of local online payment options including Alipay, UnionPay, and more, without incurring any transaction charges. You can gain peace of mind that your payment will arrive in full with our preferred payment service - allow three working days after payment for processing. 

Here is a summary of the benefits GlobalPay offers:

  • Pay fees in most local currencies
  • Pay online or by bank transfer – no need to go to a retail agent
  • Avoid fees and international foreign exchange charges from your bank
  • Get price and payment options up front with a price comparison tool
  • Rest assured knowing your payments are received in full 
  • Easy to use on smartphones and other mobile devices
  • Track your payment status by text and email

Please allow ABE 3-5 working days to process your payment after payment has been initiated through the platform.


The Institute of Leadership

From July 2024, registering for an ABE qualification will also include one year's FREE studying membership of The Institute of Leadership. Find out more here: www.abeuk.com/leadership