Sri Lanka fees

The fees listed on this page only apply to ABE members studying in Sri Lanka.

ABE members in Sri Lanka benefit from a special discount.  If you are based in Sri Lanka please ensure you pay the fees below and not the standard global rate which is higher.  All prices are quoted in UK pounds sterling (GBP).  

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You can register or book assessments using the forms below.  

Paying online for assessments or registration

Important note, online payments (bookings or registration) must always be accompanied by the relevant form at the bottom of this page or we will not be able to trace who the payment is from.

You have the option of paying for assessments online via Convera GlobalPay, our secure online platform accessed from the link below. GlobalPay allows you to pay by Visa or Mastercard in SL Rupee (bank transfer is USD or Euro).

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Sri Lanka fees for online payments

To access the Sri Lanka discount when paying online you need to select "General payments" at the end of the dropdown menu (do not select the qualification and unit assessment option, or you will be charged the standard global fee). In Sri Lanka, the fee for Level 4 units is £30 GBP per assessment, and Level 5 and 6 are £40 GBP per assessment so you need to type this (multiplied by the number of assessments you wish to take) in the box which reads GBP.  

Once the online assessment payment is completed please confirm your unit selection on the 'Assessment Entry Form' below, ticking "Convera, my EGBAS ref is" and providing the reference number.  To complete the booking this form must be emailed to us directly.  

Level 4 - £30 GBP includes first year's subscription

Level 5 - £40 GBP includes first year's subscription

Level 6 - £50 GBP includes first year's subscription

Level 4 - £30 GBP per unit

Level 5 - £40 GBP per unit

Level 6 - £40 GBP per unit

Student member (for studying qualifications Levels 3 - 5) - £35 GBP per annum

Associate member (AMABE) (for studying qualification Level 6) - £35 GBP per annum

Full member (MABE) - £50 GBP per annum

Lapsed membership can be reactivated by paying the annual subscription.