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Dynamic Business Environments

Unit reference:
Guided Learning Hours:
Level 4
15 credits

Unit purpose and aim(s)

The world is changing at an ever-increasing rate, consumers are becoming more sophisticated and technology is part of our everyday lives.  

In order to be successful a business needs to be able respond to changes by assessing the opportunities and threats posed by the external environment as well as its own internal strengths and weaknesses. 

In this unit you will use a range of relevant tools and frameworks to analyse the impact of dynamic business environments and volatile markets on an organisation’s ability to compete successfully.  This analysis is what shapes business strategy.

Assessment by exam.

Qualifications for this unit

Units: 4

A good general grounding in core aspects of business, designed for those who wish to go quickly onto the next ABE Level and into employment. If you wish to progress to a university degree, the eight unit - 120 credit - Diploma provides more favourable progression options.

Units: 8

Provides a thorough grounding in the core principles of marketing and business management.  The first year of a Bachelors degree is at the same level.

Units: 8

Gain a thorough grounding in contemporary Business Management with a particular focus on principles of Human Resources (HR).  Year one of a Bachelors degree is at the same level.

Units: 8

Provides a thorough grounding in Business Management and a great springboard for progressing to higher levels of academic study.   Year one of a Bachelors degree is at the same level.