Enterprising Organisations

Unit reference:
Guided Learning Hours:
Level 4
15 credits

Unit purpose and aim(s)

This unit develops an understanding of the principles of business and the different legal formations by which organisations operate. You will be introduced to common organisational structures and learn to evaluate quantitative and qualitative data to make judgements about the types of structures suitable for different businesses.

You will also look at the way organisations are managed at an operational and strategic level. This will include a review of the requirements for corporate governance, performance standards, operating procedures and ethical practice.

You will learn about organisational infrastructure and examine physical and human resources and their role in delivering organisational performance.

You will develop problem solving skills through the use of case study activities which will enable you to apply the  theories and concepts covered in the unit in real-life contexts.

As you progress you will develop qualities and skills valued by employers such as the ability to use relevant management tools. 

Assessed by exam.

Qualifications for this unit

Units: 4

A good general grounding in core aspects of business, designed for those who wish to go quickly onto the next ABE Level and into employment. If you wish to progress to a university degree, the eight unit - 120 credit - Diploma provides more favourable progression options.

Units: 8

Provides a thorough grounding in the core principles of marketing and business management.  The first year of a Bachelors degree is at the same level.

Units: 8

Gain a thorough grounding in contemporary Business Management with a particular focus on principles of Human Resources (HR).  Year one of a Bachelors degree is at the same level.

Units: 8

Provides a thorough grounding in Business Management and a great springboard for progressing to higher levels of academic study.   Year one of a Bachelors degree is at the same level.