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Business Stay-up: new report sets out policies to prevent unnecessary business failure

Based on the findings of the Business Stay-up research, the report highlights how entrepreneurs can be supported by the business or management training to increase their enterprise's chance of long term sustainability.

Assignment briefs for March 2019 are in the portal

To find the March19 Assignment Brief list go to the My Learning area and click on Exam Preparation and then click on the wording "All Units"

Reminder: March 2019 new learner registration window closes on 25 January

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Examiners' reports from the September 2018 session are available

Examiner's reports from the September 2018 session have now been published in the ABE portal.

ABE accredited centres in Myanmar: invitation to a special ABE training

ABE is hosting a 'train the trainer' event designed to support delivery of ABE qualifications.  

Building our corporate profile in Mauritius

Pictures from our corporate event 

New distance learning progression agreement

Lincoln University College, Malaysia, is offering some great opportunites for ABE Business Management graduates to fast-track onto a BA or an MBA

Read the latest issue of Focus, the magazine for ABE Members

A wealth of features, articles and tips designed to pique your interest, support your studies and enhance your professional development,

Top Paper Awards for worldwide highest achievers: March & June 2018

Twice a year we honour the highest achievers in each unit with a special ‘Top Paper Award’.  These are the indi

December 2018 assessment booking closes on Friday 26 October

If you have not already done so, contact your centre to ensure your December assessments are booked.