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ABE connects with secondary school children in Africa

A recent talk given by ABE Malawi's area manager, Harlod Banda shows him talking to secondary school children from Malawi. The exchange allowed Harlod to provide information on the opportunities available to help them complete their tertiary education, leaving these youths hopeful for the future.

Assignment briefs for 2018 are in the portal

To find the June18 Assignment Brief list go to the My Learning area and click on Exam Preparation and then click on the wording "All Units"

New progression agreement provides access to more top UK universities

An agreement with ONCAMPUS,  provides ABE qualification holders with further opportunities for progression with top UK universities

Results for the December 2017 session are available

ABE has published the results for candidates who sat the December 2017 examination session.

ABE spearheading business stay-up campaign to promote sustainable entrepreneurship

ABE is launching a research-led engagement campaign called ‘Business Stay-Up’ to raise awareness of the pressures and challenges businesses face as they seek to sustain and build upon start-up success.

Professional membership survey winner selected

We would like to thank everyone who took part in our recent survey about which professional membership benefits would be of most value.     

Read the new issue of Focus, the magazine for ABE members

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Zimbabwe graduation ceremony

See pictures from the ABE Zimbabwe graduation ceremony.

Mauritius graduation ceremony hailed a huge success

A report from the Mauritius graduation ceremony which took place on 13 October 2017 by Managing Director, ABE Africa, Bradley Wade