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Introduction to Quantitative Methods

Unit reference:
Guided Learning Hours:
Level 4
15 credits

Unit purpose and aim(s)

Quantitative skills are recognised as indispensable for aspiring managers and entrepreneurs.  The focus of the Quantitative Methods syllabus is to:

  • Develop quantitative thinking and skills
  • Develop skills in gathering and computing numbers
  • Cultivate the ability to present, interpret and communicate quantitative results for managerial decision making 
  • Build a robust quantitative foundation for other business units

Quantitative skills built at this level will help you to apply a number of concepts in other core areas of business management – marketing, accounting, finance and human resource management. Many decisions in these areas require quantitative skills, for example, calculating the sales volume for recovering costs, determining the price of a new product, estimating demand for the product, measuring the overall performance of the business

Assessment by exam. 

Qualifications for this unit

Units: 8

Provides a thorough grounding in the core principles of marketing and business management.  The first year of a Bachelors degree is at the same level.

Units: 8

Gain a thorough grounding in contemporary Business Management with a particular focus on principles of Human Resources (HR).  Year one of a Bachelors degree is at the same level.

Units: 8

Provides a thorough grounding in Business Management and a great springboard for progressing to higher levels of academic study.   Year one of a Bachelors degree is at the same level.