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ABE accreditation


In order to offer ABE's qualifications, a centre must first be accredited.  This is the process which ensures our programmes are delivered to a consistently high standard worldwide. 

ABE is privileged to work with high-quality learning providers.  Our network of accredited centres is growing all the time, helping more learners achieve their ultimate career ambitions.

Our accreditation process is simple but robust. It ensures that being ABE accredited enhances a centre's reputation for quality and we can work together to create the best experience for learners.

Reasons why learning providers around the world choose ABE

  • You will be associated with a highly respected organisation, which has been at the forefront of business education for five decades
  • You will be provided with the ABE Edge, a world-class digital learning environment which will enable your centre to offer far greater value than its non-ABE accredited competitors read more here
  • ABE accreditation includes best-in-market resources designed to save your lecturers time, your centre money and help your learners succeed
  • ABE provides a media pack of editable marketing resources to help your student recruitment campaigns
  • ABE is not-for-profit: we work hard to deliver the highest quality of service whilst keeping costs affordable
  • ABE is an agile organisation: we provide bespoke solutions tailored to customer needs
  • ABE is recognised by Ofqual and similar bodies around the world, demonstrating the credibility of our qualifications
  • ABE is truly international: in our most recent survey alumni were working in more than 70 countries
For more information about becoming an accredited ABE study centre please complete the Accreditation Enquiry form