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ABE's internationally recognised qualifications can give you the skills to build a great career and a fast, affordable route to a Bachelors or Masters degree.  

Simply enrol at one of the ABE accredited study centres listed below and take the next step on your road to success.

Recognition in Trinidad & Tobago

ABE is recognised by the Accreditation Council of Trinidad and Tobago (ACTT), the regulatory body responsible for quality assuring post secondary and tertiary education.

Local support

ABE in the Caribbean is headed up by ABE graduate Kereesa Carrington-Nunez. She has 15 years' experience in the field of education and holds a MBA with a specialisation in Human Resource Management, a Post Graduate Certificate in Educational Leadership, and a BSC Hons in Computer Science. Kereesa's wealth of knowledge, skills, adaptability and dedication to excellent customer service have seen her build a thriving community for ABE in the Caribbean.

Area manager

Kereesa Carrington

Kereesa represents in the Caribbean
she is based in
Trinidad and Tobago

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